Laura Fitchie   Sales Executive/AVP   (707) 292-2009   [email protected]
Your Santa Rosa Branch & Escrow Team
Prepared to serve you for all of your title and escrow needs.
Santa Rosa Branch
600 Bicentennial Way, Suite 300
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 
Office: 707-544-1771
Fax: 707-544-8027
Traci Dominguez
Escrow Officer
Katrina Bell
Escrow Officer
Kristiina Borchard
Escrow Officer
Dawn Coyle
Escrow Officer
Liz Kalodemas
Escrow Officer
Lauren Kelsay
Escrow Officer
Kathy Nelsen
Escrow Officer
Alice Noel
Escrow Officer
Jill Woods
Escrow Officer


Sales & Service
Dedicated to providing you with consistent, premium service.
Vivian Chia
Sales Manager
Direct: (707) 484-8445
Office: (707) 544-1771
Kyra Berthinier
Sales Executive
Direct: (707) 293-6090
Office: (707) 541-0300


Regional Management Team
Leadership you can count on.
Jennifer Hall
County Manager
(707) 544-1771
Pam Hage
Escrow Manager
(707) 544-1771
Bill Duggen
Escrow Administrator
(707) 255-5800
Kimberly Waite
Assistant County Manager
Direct: (707) 494-9401
Office: (707) 544-1771



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